Interchange Guides: Upgrading

Davor Ocelic

Jon Jensen

Mike Heins

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The purpose of this document is to provide general notes for upgrading from Minivend 3 to Minivend 4, and from Minivend 4 to Interchange.

By saying "Interchange", we primarily mean the early releases, such as 4.6 or 4.8. To be sure you did not miss anything while upgrading to Interchange 5.0 and beyond, please review WHATSNEW entries.

This Guide will be slowly losing on relevance, and users running Interchange 5.0 or later should monitor WHATSNEW entries for upgrade information.

Table of Contents

Interchange 4.8 Deprecated Features
Deprecated Features Previous to Interchange 4
Interchange 4 Deprecated Features
Upgrading from Minivend 4.0 to Interchange 4.6
Access Manager
Database Editing
Order Manager
Page Editor
Item Editor
Preferences Editor (KNAR)
Route Editor
Transactions database
Upgrading from Minivend 3 to Minivend 4
Nested [loop]s
All frame features removed
Tags removed
Directives removed
Minor operations removed
Search lists
Search conditionals
Form data updates
Checkout changes
[if-field] etc.
Global subs

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