Interchange Reference Pages: Pragmas

For a complete introduction to Interchange pragmas, please see the pragma glossary entry.

Table of Contents

dml — control behavior of Vend::Data::update_data()
download — disable any output interpolation not to corrupt verbatim content download
dynamic_variables — dynamically update configuration directives from files and databases
dynamic_variables_file_only — dynamically update configuration directives from files only
init_page — custom subroutine to run before page Variable processing
interpolate_itl_references — allow ITL interpolation of reference-based ITL attributes
no_default_reparse — do not reparse Interchange output by default
no_html_comment_embed — do not treat specially formed HTML comments as ITL code
no_image_rewrite — prevent image locations from being altered
no_locale_parse — do not parse or [LC] tags
no_negative_tax — disallow tax calculations to apply negative value
perl_warnings_in_page — display Perl "warnings" for Interchange pages
post_page — custom subroutine to run before image paths substitution on a page
pre_page — custom subroutine to run after Variable substitution, before interpolation
safe_data — allow interpolation of database values in search for Interchange tags
strip_white — strip whitespace from the top of Interchange-served HTML pages

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