Installing Interchange

We offer generic Interchange tarballs for manual installations. Visit our download page, and download tar/gz or tar/bz2 package.

Compare the MD5 and/or SHA1 sums of the file downloaded with the signatures on the download page (the signatures should match):

$ md5sum interchange-latest.tar.gz
$ sha1sum interchange-latest.tar.gz

Unpack the tarball by one of the two ways shown:

$ tar zvxf interchange-latest.tar.gz
$ gzip -dc interchange-latest.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Run ./configure, which no longer performs an installation as it used to, but simply prints proper installation instructions (Basically, the installation routine comes down to running perl; make; make test && make install).

make test is probably the most important. If you do not get an OK on all the tests ran, you have a problem that you need to fix before moving any further.

For any additional help, your best bet is to visit our community web page and drop by on IRC, or post your problem to the Users Mailing List (see Public Interchange Mailing Lists page).

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