Basic setup

To enable the Interchange SOAP server, set SOAP to yes in the global configuration file. It is also important to allow SOAP actions with SOAP_Control both in the global configuration and in the catalog configuration file in order to provide web services.

SOAP_Control Action always

After restart, the Interchange SOAP server will listen on port 7780 for requests.

For all catalogs providing SOAP services, do the following steps:

  1. Enable SOAP and allow SOAP actions in the catalog configuration file:

    SOAP Yes
    SOAP_Control Action always

  2. Add SOAP URL to Catalog directive in the global configuration file:

    Catalog wellwell /home/interchange/catalogs/wellwell /cgi-bin/wellwell /soap
  3. Define SOAP actions with SOAP_Action.

Finally, restart your Interchange server.

Advanced setup

The port can be changed with the SOAP_Socket configuration directive.


If Interchange cannot determine the catalog for the SOAP request, it will trigger the soap:Client.NotFound fault.

If the catalog hasn't enabled SOAP, Interchange will trigger the soap:Client.NotAvailable fault.

If the called SOAP action dies, Interchange triggers a soap:Server fault with the message Application error.

SOAP references

SOAP resource at W3C.

SOAP::Lite homepage.

DocBook! Interchange!